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iPad: Voiceover and the Refreshabraille 18 for Regular Ed. Teachers& Blind Students

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Demonstration of how the iPad and a Refreshabraille 18 can be used as an instructional tool for parents and regular education teachers & Special Ed. teachers. Teachers do not need to read/ type braille to teach a student who uses/reads braille.

Diana Petschauer‘s insight:

Though these videos are a bit older, they offer a clear picture of how a student can use a Refreshable Braille Display to access every aspect of education; and many educators and special educators are unaware of how this works. A refreshable braille display allows a student or individual to access a computer, iPad, iPod touch, etc. equally to their peers to research the internet, complete homework or handouts, send email, etc., using real-time refreshable Braille. There are many devices and options from several companies (HumanWare, HIMS), this shows one available for free for students who qualify for AIM in their state (from APH). An important factor is that anything a student types in Braille, reflects on the iPad or computer as text, for the teacher to read, and anything the teacher types or scans, shows up as Braille for the student to read. It is typically used with a screen reader such as JAWS, window eyes, or Voice Over on iOS devices, meaning content is also read aloud to a student. I have students in 3rd and 4th grade now using a refreshable braille display to access education; there are no limits with Assistive Technology. 🙂 See the Video above from a teacher, as well as this older one from Chase, a young student:


Chase now is a teenager using the Braille 18 Plus:




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