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Continuing the Legacy: Assistive Technologies at MIT | MIT EECS

By September 9, 2014February 16th, 2015Uncategorized

The late Professor Seth Teller created Principles and Practices in Assistive Technologies (PPAT, 6.811) in the Fall of 2011. 

Source: www.eecs.mit.edu

Following Teller’s untimely death on July 1 this year, a group of former PPAT and AT students including his graduate student William Li, SM ‘12, who TA’d the inaugural PPAT offering and Grace Teo, HST PhD ‘14 student and member of the MIT Assistive Technology Club, and a core group of students who took the class in 2013 have formed a team to continue Teller’s legacy through both PPAT and its outgrowth the ATHack, a one-day workshop launched in spring 2014. Li and Teo, who will co-instruct the class and three other members of the team will work with Professor Rob Miller, MIT MacVicar Faculty Fellow and EECS co-education officer.”

Please visit the Seth Teller Memorial Fund to Advance Technology for People with Disabilities. See the video “The Technology We Build: 6.811: Principles and Practice of Assistive Technology (PPAT)” produced by Ben Glass and Tommy Girdwood.