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iPad® Apps for Students Struggling with Reading, Writing & Math

By September 15, 2014February 16th, 2015Uncategorized

Join Diana as she walks you through the built-in accessibility features of the iPad and demonstrates the apps live for you to view and follow along. You will see the features of the apps, along with the gestures and how to use the apps. Learn realistic implementation methods to use immediately with students.


In today’s workshop you will learn about the best iPad apps for students who have difficulty with reading and/or writing, including challenges with math! Apps that are useful for related therapists such as OT, SLP, and Reading Specialists will also be demonstrated. For students who struggle with a print disability due to Dyslexia, specific LD, executive function, processing difficulties, low vision, blindness, or physical disabilities, you will learn about apps to help students be successful with:

  • Reading
  • Comprehending
  • Note taking
  • Computing
  • Writing
  • Organizing
  • Assessing textbooks

Apps will include: text-to-speech for books, documents, and PDF’s with annotation, word prediction, note taking, object and money identification, graphic organizers and mind-mapping, magnification, voice recognition, audio recording, math support, Scanning with OCR (Optical character recognition), support while browsing the internet and researching, foundational literacy skills, digital story creating, and more. Apps demonstrated can be utilized with students from elementary school through post secondary education as well as adult learners.


Apps for Reading:

  • Text to Speech, Highlighting, Definitions, Font Options, OCR, Differentiated Reading Levels, Support for Comprehension & Retention, as well as fluency and sight words/ vocabulary support, accessing digital and audiobooks

Apps for Writing and Completing worksheets/ Handouts/ Assignments:

  • Text to speech, typing, handwriting/ annotating, Voice Recognition, Word Prediction, Sight Words

Apps for Executive Function:

  • Note taking, Graphic Organizers, Brainstorming, Scheduling & Reminders, Organization, Planning, Audio-recording

Apps for Low Vision and Blindness:

  • Magnification, OCR, electronic Braille, audio, object/color/money ID, access to digital and audio books

Apps to Support Math skills and instruction:

  • Basic math, foundational math, algebra, equations, counting money, telling time, fractions, word problems, support for dysgraphia


  • Identify a minimum of 10 apps that will support students who struggle with literacy (Reading, Writing, & Math) or Access to curriculum or learning materials.
  • Discuss how the apps will support students who have difficulty with literacy (reading, writing & math) or Access, and learn realistic applications for use.
  • Develop skills to utilize and implement the apps in daily practice while working with students who struggle with literacy and access.
  • Discuss specific student concerns to learn specific use and application to meet your student’s needs. Share favorite apps with others attending.


Diana Petschauer, M.Ed., ATP is a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional and Founder/ CEO of Assistive Technology for Education, LLC. and Access4Employment LLC. Diana is an accessibility specialist and certified ATP who provides AT assessment, training & consultation for students to access education and for adults to access employment, home and the community. Diana manages the AT consultants and trainers who work for ATE and A4E.  Previously Diana was the AT Specialist at the University of New Hampshire. She presents/trains locally & nationally, including ATIA, CSUN, Closing the Gap, & OTAP.

A DVD recording of this online workshop can be purchased HERE.