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Supporting Students with Dyslexia: Standards, Accommodations, Technology & Strategies! FREE webinar!

By May 3, 2016May 1st, 2017Uncategorized

See Hear DoJoin us! Research-based intervention, assistive technologies, goals and accommodations, and how CCSS and ESSA support these interventions for students with Dyslexia!
Dyslexia is the most common type of specific learning disability affecting 10-15% of the total population; In the US, approximately 1 in 5 students are coded with specific learning disability (SLD), many whom experience challenges in the area(s) of comprehension, oral expression,

written expression, and/or basic reading skills (NCES, 2015). With so many individuals experiencing dyslexia, it is critical that educators & service providers acknowledge Dyslexia and provide research-based interventions to support students in accessing the curriculum. View the Video description, more info andRegister here:   

DyslexiaOG-multisensoryDyslexia 2