Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 – watch Live Streaming Online

Game of thrones the popular HBO series was announced to be released soon. The 7th season is going to be short due to the small story content, which is remaining. Similar to the 6th season the 7th season will be based on outline of 2 final and presently unpublished novels. The release date of the game of thrones season 7 will be aired in the summer 2017. The first glimpse of the GoT season 7 was aired on HBO in the United States. A very short teaser was broadcasted during a break.

The video is not available online yet, but fans have already taken the pictures of the game of thrones teaser and they have also started uploading them online for other fans. All this has given a little information about what we can expect in the season 7.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 :

The first teaser emphasis to be on House of Stark who suffered from many unpleasant and ghastly calamities at hands of westeros dynasties over few seasons. There are many fans of GoT and they are also facing some difficulties.  The major revelation was made about the characters including game of thrones s07e02

  • Jon Snow
  • Daenery’s
  • Sansa

All these names were a huge leak online and will be seen in the season 7 as well.  HBO has   not stated anything about the leads like the Season 5 episodes were leaked in 2015. There is plot detailing available about the season 7 and the majority of the fans are assuming it to be correct. HBO has already confirmed the names of the characters, which will be seen in the season 7. The names of the directors are also confirmed.

Still it is not known who is going to direct the individual episodes until now. According to the watchers of game of thrones, line ups are as follows.

  • Episode 1: Jeremy Podeswa
  • Episode 2: Mark Mylod
  • Episode 3: Mark Mylod
  • Episode 4: Matt Shakman
  • Episode 5: Matt Shakman
  • Episode 6: Alan Taylor
  • Episode 7: Jeremy Podeswa

Game of thrones is having millions of fans and some of them have posted fan shot video of the season 7 filming. Two characters are revealed. You can watch this  video online  and you ill see  the scenes of the game of thrones season 7 episode 3 and you might  also see some plot spoilers in the video.

Keep your fingers crossed

All the fans of game of thrones have kept their fingers crossed for the sequel and spin off. Now because we are just going to get two more seasons. So, fans are going to get both bad and goodness.

The season 7 is going to be delayed and is going to come this year in summers. There are lots of amazing things on its ways for the fans of game of thrones. The bad news is that we will get lesser episodes. There are many things that game of thrones season 7 is going to bring for the fans.