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Fall PD-3 Conferences in November in New England! Dyslexia, Transition, Blind/ Low Vision, UDL, Google & iOS, Literacy & More-Join Us!

By November 3, 2018Uncategorized

Looking for fall professional development? Join us at 3 New England conferences this month! RI, NH & , Boston! AT, AAC, Literacy, Dyslexia,Transition, Blind/ Low vision, Google and iOS, UDL & Personalized Learning!
Manchester, NH- CMTC-Two Half Day Pre-Conference workshops on Monday 11/26 and a concurrent session on 11/27: PreC07-SC –Google Apps & Extensions: Your Essential Toolkit for Diverse Learners: http://www.nhcmtc.org/cms/program/preconference-at-a-glance

PreC20-SC- AT/ UDL Apps: Support Diverse Learners on ALL Devices Across the Curriculum: http://www.nhcmtc.org/cms/program/preconference-at-a-glance

BDTu01-F (BYOD-Bring Your Own Device) Empower Learners with UDL: Build a Personal Learning Backpack for Agency: http://www.nhcmtc.org/cms/program/byod-sessions-at-a-glance

REGISTER for CMTC: http://www.nhcmtc.org/cms/registration/2013-07-17-03-57-32

Warwick, RI – ATCNE- One Full Day Workshop on 11/29 and 3 Concurrent on 11/30! Full Day workshop: Creating A Bridge to Learning For ALL: How to Engage and Include Diverse Learners on All Devices Across Curricula
Concurrent Sessions on Transition for college and the workplace, Blind and Low Vision supportive AT, Free & Low Cost AT: http://www.assistivetechnologyconference.com/presentations/

REGISTER for ATCNE: http://www.assistivetechnologyconference.com/general-registration/

Boston, MA – ASHA – 3 Seminars: 1751: Assistive Technology and Intervention CAN Play Nice! Bridging Literacy Gaps with Multisensory Intervention for Dyslexia (Seminar 2-hours): https://plan.core-apps.com/asha2018/event/c31ae06ebb40c49d93c9948f8be4b3a3

1990: Supporting the Language and Literacy Development of Individuals with Complex Communication Needs (Seminar 1-hour): https://plan.core-apps.com/asha2018/event/e50beb65b4a2bbc9cf1c7712aef02110

1227: But My School Doesn’t Have Money! (AKA: Free Assistive Technology to Support Student Learning) (Seminar 1-hour): https://plan.core-apps.com/asha2018/event/22c0614f714102b73be44d3f1769af8d

REGISTER for ASHA: https://convention.asha.org/registration-and-housing/

Students using various assistive technologies in the classroom.