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ATIA 2020-2 Day Hands-On: Successful Transition to College & Workplace

By August 24, 2019Uncategorized

Join Our Team at ATIA 2020! We are excited to be planning our fall & winter PD, are you?! Join us for this Engaging Two day Hands-On Pre-Conference Workshop- PRE-7TW: Successful Transition to College and the Workplace: AT, Accommodations, and Advocacy January 28 & 29, 2020
Transition from High School to College or the Workplace is a significant time in an individual’s life. What Accommodations & Assistive Technologies are available to succeed in higher ed & while working? AT supports individuals with disabilities to be able to efficiently & equally access the workplace, college or vocational training, to accomplish tasks that may be difficult or impossible due to their disability. AT demonstrations, case studies & hands-on exploration of the most innovative AT including various devices, tools, apps, software, and adaptive equipment will be demonstrated & explored during group activities and Hands-On workstations! Free, Built-In Accessibility & Low-Cost options will be explored. From simple, important features such as OCR and text to speech to more advanced options such as head control & eye gaze. Learn how to support Literacy, Math, Communication, Accessible Digital Documents & Materials, Digital Books & Programs, Note Taking options for school & meetings, Scheduling & Reminders, Organization, Task Management, Sensory & Physical support, Working Memory, Language Translation, Online Learning & online meeting/ telepractice to support clients & students. Support for various disabilities including Cognitive, Dyslexia, LD, Physical, TBI, CVI, Executive Function, Blind, Low Vision, & Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Autism. Learn the difference between HS, Post-Secondary, & Workplace laws & discuss individual’s rights as well as self-advocacy strategies & resources. This workshop is incredibly helpful for transition coordinators, AT coordinators in K12 & higher ed, college ADA/Equity/Compliance/Diversity professionals, adults with disabilities, special educators, parents, Voc Rehab counselors, school counselors, advisors, administrators, & related therapists. This workshop is presented by a team of AT experts currently working with clients in HS, higher ed, adult ed and the workplace, professionals previously working as AT coordinators in colleges, K12 & Voc Rehab, & area agencies. Over 30 years of combined experience with this multi-disciplinary team guiding you through this hands-on, engaging two-day workshop, you will leave with an incredible toolkit of resources, skills & technologies to implement & share immediately in your practice. You will learn while building a new network of professionals to communicate & collaborate with!
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