AT & UDL Lab-Virtual Presentations-Support Learners with Dyslexia- Combining Assistive Technology & Literacy Intervention- THE BEST Multi-sensory Support for Dyslexia

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International Dyslexia Association Conference Offers- AT-UDL Lab! “In addition to explicit reading instruction, Technology is a component of support for learners with Dyslexia, and all learners. The Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning Lab offers two full days of live, virtual 30-minute presentations of riveting content from national experts in the areas of assistive technology and universal design…” Join this event live via the online conference venue or Facebook live!

Combining Assistive Technology & Literacy Intervention- THE BEST Multi-sensory Support for Dyslexia

Assistive Technology (AT) combined with literacy instruction bridges gaps for learners with Dyslexia by supporting access to grade level content, supporting confidence and independence, improving reading and writing skills, supporting executive function skills (memory, recall, scheduling/ reminders, organization), as well as preparing them to succeed in higher ed and the workplace. AT reduces frustration and prevents learners from falling behind, or worse, wanting to drop out/ quit school because of literacy challenges. If individuals do not have access to AT along with literacy instruction, their literacy development will suffer, negatively impacting important skills such as comprehension, written expression, and conversation dialogue, as well as presentation skills. Assistive Technology supports critical executive function skills that many students with Dyslexia struggle with, including time management, organization, attention and focus, task initiation and emotional regulation, all critical for successful transition to post-secondary options and the global workplace. Often, students and educators don’t even realize what AT exists already in their pocket or backpack!

In addition, most reading specialists and SLP’s are elated to learn that there is assistive technology specifically to support OG literacy instruction, that can be embedded in their literacy intervention, not only to provide a multi-sensory approach, but for some of our learners with Dyslexia, this IS their means of access when they have a print disability. Sometimes replacing the paper and pencil due to fine motor difficulties, sometimes making the lessons accessible for a learner who also has CVI or a visual impairment.

AT Makes UDL Possible! AT supports multiple means of Access, Engagement, & Expression for All Learners, including those with Dyslexia.

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