Online AT & AAC Consultation, Training, Webinars during COVID-19_ATforED Telepractice

Online AT & AAC Consultation, Training, Webinars, Accessibility during COVID19-ATforED Telepractice- The expert consultants at AT for Education will continue to provide online Assistive Technology and AAC consultation, training, and live webinars (that are recorded per request for future use) throughout the next few weeks/months, for anyone needing further support online during school and business closures due to COVID-19. Diverse Learners Can Access Curriculum & Instruction. If you don’t know how your Diverse Learners can access their education online, we can show you how to do it with Assistive Technology.

Whether you are in need of weekly or monthly consultation for AT implementation and use, professional development training or hours, or support with meeting compliance for your IEP’s, we are prepared and equipped to support your assistive technology needs. If your students need access to curriculum and instruction while at home, we can guide you through that assistive technology process and training. Online Assistive Tech and AAC support for ALL Learners during COVID19- Consultation, Training, Set Up and Accessibility- Providing Support for Students, Families, Educators, Admins,Related Therapists and IT. If you don’t know how your diverse learners can access what everyone else is doing, we can show you how to do it with Assistive Technology.
Were you or your staff scheduled to attend a conference that has been recently canceled? We are here to provide your online PD! Here are Examples of our professional development workshops, webinars and camps:

We use the accessible and HIPPA approved Zoom platform for all online meetings, teleconferences and services, which allow our clients to see and hear our expert consultants, as well as our technology screens, whether we are using a laptop, Chromebook, iPad, tablet, etc. We also see our client’s screen as necessary to guide you through learning and troubleshooting. Our online services are available for 1:1 support, small group and large groups. We personalize our AT/AAC services to meet your specific needs.

Our online, tele-practice services are also provided for college students, students transitioning to post-secondary and vocational services, parents and family members, educators and staff, as well as adults in the workplace. Call or email for more information or to discuss your needs. 844-922-2833

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