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Live Virtual Seminar-Earn CEU’s! AT for All: Essential Tools to Support All Learners in Remote, Live Classroom, and Hybrid Settings-Hands-On workshop

By January 12, 2021January 19th, 2021Uncategorized

AT for All: Essential Tools to Support All Learners in Remote, Live Classroom, and Hybrid Settings- Join Diana Petschauer and Laurie McIntosh from ATforED on May 13th, 2021, 8am-4pm for an engaging, hands-on, full day workshop!

Gain knowledge and access to an incredible number of resources and tools for the ultimate and essential AT Toolkit! Support ALL learners, with and without disabilities, using free and low-cost assistive technologies and Ed Tech tools. Empower your learners to gain confidence, independence, and motivation in remote and hybrid learning for greater attendance and success. Join us for this engaging, hands-on workshop focused on ensuring access, inclusion, and success for all learners on any device. We will apply specific focus to Google, Apple, and Microsoft assistive technologies, Ed Tech tools, and accessibility. These tools can support students in accessing the curriculum, participating in assignments and activities, research and study skills, note-taking, literacy and math support, executive function (organization, time management, focus and attention, motivation, planning and prioritizing), transition to college or work, working with Accessible Educational Materials, Social Emotional Support/ Well-Being, Healthy Browsing, and more. While this workshop will focus on the significant support available for learners who have Dyslexia or other LD, are blind or low vision, or have a physical, cognitive, or sensory disability, these tools can support ALL learners both in strength and skill building and in addressing support challenges, especially during remote and hybrid learning. Expect interactive demonstrations, fun group activities, and engaging presentations. Whether you are remote, in the classroom, or a combination of both, these are the BEST tools and resources to support learners and educators for ALL Learning environments. Follow along with your own device for hands-on learning-laptops (Windows PC or Mac), Chromebook and iPad. NO matter what the next school year brings, you will be prepared and ready with your new knowledge and skills and Essential AT toolkit!

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