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Summer PD-Earn CEU’s while Relaxing & Developing Your Executive Function & Literacy Toolkit!

By May 13, 2022May 14th, 2022Uncategorized

Join us to develop your Executive Function & Literacy Toolkit to start the 2022 Fall season Successfully!

Executive Function & Literacy challenges can limit functional capabilities in all areas of occupation for Neurodiverse individuals with Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Nonverbal Learning Disability, TBI, or other cognitive disabilities. Students & adults alike can experience difficulties that lead to frustration and shutdown or other behaviors. Executive Function & Literacy skills are also necessary for Successful Transitions to Middle School, High School, Post-Secondary Education, the Workplace, and the Community. Preparing students early with efficient Executive Function and Literacy Strategies, Tools & Assistive Technologies promotes Student Autonomy, Confidence, and Independence.

This engaging workshop will explore a wealth of Tools for Organization, Time Management, Focus & Attention, Reminders, Short Term and Working Memory, Visual Schedules & Timers, Research and Study Tools, Note-Taking, Emotional Regulation, Behavior supports for Impulsivity & Self-Regulation, Reading and Writing support including comprehension & written expression, Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) and more! High Tech & Light Tech will be shared; ALL devices and platforms will be addressed. These tools & methods are supporting many students and professionals in schools, including those who are short-staffed & overwhelmed. The burden is lifted when we Empower the Learners and provide training that coincides with the busy schedules of education professionals and students! Learn about Inclusive Student-Led Learning & Training & successes.  We will Discuss, Demonstrate and Explore Strategies, Tech Tools & Realistic Implementation methods together, even if you’re Short on Time, Staff, & Resources. Leverage Student Training to promote Independent Learning! If you are a staff professional, consultant or therapist, these skills & tools will add to your knowledge and toolkit for working with students and families.  If you are a parent or home schooler, these tools & skills will be great to know to build upon at home for homework, as well as supportive knowledge for a tutor, coach,  transition coordinator, administrator, case manager, student services coordinator, counselor and others!

Plan to bring your device(s) of choice, as we will explore options for Chromebooks, Laptops (Windows/ Mac), iPad/ iPhone, Android, Microsoft and Wearables. An abundance of resources & materials will be shared to revisit, review, practice and share as you prioritize what you bring into your next school year. Diana Petschauer from Assistive Technology for Education is excited to share Successful Training & Implementation Strategies using Tech Tools to foster Executive Function & Literacy skills, and promote student autonomy. Info:

Register for the Workshop being held Remotely on July 15th- Join Diana poolside, lakeside, oceanside, from your deck or comfy place for learning and sharing!

Diana Petschauer is an Assistive Technologist, Consultant & Managing Director of AT for Education & Access4Employment. She manages her multi-disciplinary team of expert consultants who provide AT, UDL, AAC & Accessibility Services for students & adults to access Education and the Workplace. Diana has over 20 years of experience in Assistive Technology in K-12, Post-Secondary & Adult services. She is a presenter & trainer nationally & internationally for schools, organizations & agencies, and conferences, as well as a service provider for individuals of all ages. Prior to her business, Diana was the AT Specialist at the University of New Hampshire, Student Accessibility Services, and she started her career in special education services. Visit the website: & Follow Assistive Technology for Education on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @ATforEducation