Joann’s Story

  • Graduate Certificate in Assistive Technology (UNH)
  • Post-Doc, Pediatric Neuropsychology (Franciscan Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA)
  • Psy.D., Clinical Psychology (Florida Tech)
  • M.S., Developmental Psychology (University of New Orleans)
  • B.A., Psychology (University of Florida)
  • Licenses: Massachusetts Psychologist, New Hampshire Psychologist,School Psychologist, credentialed by DESE in Massachusetts
  • Dr. Frankhouser is a licensed psychologist who has been a practicing neuropsychologist for over 20 years, providing testing, consultation, therapy, and coaching. She has also taught at several Boston-area universities and worked as a School Psychologist. She has worked with infants through young adults to identify processing style, learning and therapeutic needs and assist families and schools to meet the individual needs of her clients. While labels may be necessary to receive services, she firmly believes that all of us have a range of strengths that should be taught to and that we can learn strategies and techniques using our areas of strength to support areas we find more challenging. She has extensive experience working with students experiencing difficulties achieving academically, as well as those dealing with the challenges engendered by problems focusing, monitoring, organizing, planning, and coordinating their skills. In addition, she has frequently worked with individuals who find it more difficult to integrate information, appreciate the “big picture,” take another’s perspective, and form inferences, and who may experience difficulties with regulation of sensory input, emotional reactions and responses, and behavior.