Sarah Vogel


Sarah’s Story

Sarah has over 30 years’ experience as an educator and administrator working with students and adults, their families, and their community supports to develop self-advocacy skills as well as the educational skills needed for independence. She has worked with many teams to develop individual programs for successful transition to post-secondary education and the workplace, often using assistive technology in the process. In addition to consulting for ATforED she has worked as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, a Special Ed Coordinator and currently part time as an Accessibility specialist at Colby Sawyer College. Sarah helps her clients of all ages to develop self-advocacy skills as well as vocational skills needed to be successful in all environments.

  • Graduate Certificate in Assistive Technology, UNH, 2017
  • ED. in Special Education – Learning Disabilities, Keene State College, Dec. 1999
  • Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership, Keene State College, May 2004
  • NH Certification: Experienced Educator, Special Education, Learning Disabilities, Special Education Administrator