Stephen’s Story

  • Stephen Yerardi, BA, AT Expert & Accessibility Specialist, is an avid user of Assistive Technology as a Blind individual and uses AT daily to access employment and the community. He completed an internship at Perkins School for the Blind and was previously an Assistive Technology trainer for Carroll Center for the Blind. Stephen works as an AT expert consultant for AT for Education & Access4Employment.
    • Graduate Certificate in Assistive Technology,  UNH
    • Specializing in: Blind/Low Vision AT, Accessibility testing and compliance, accessible textbooks and braille technologies.
    • Refreshable Braille Displays, iPad/ iPhone Apps, Voice Over for iPad and Mac, Voice Recognition, Screen Readers, Braille Embossers and Technology, Mobility and Rehabilitation, accessibility testing, Smart Home technologies, AT for Navigation and independence.
    • In the community Stephen is a leader as a Board member of the National Federation of the Blind of NH, Member of the Lion’s Club, and Liaison for the State Rehabilitation Council to State Independent Living Council.