Our Consulting Team

The AT Professionals and Expert Consultants (Assistive Tech & AAC) who work for Assistive Technology for Education and Access4Employment are highly qualified, certified professionals who specialize in Assistive Technology, UDL, Personalized Learning, Workplace, AAC and Accessibility services including needs assessments/ comprehensive evaluations, consultation, training, professional development, implementation strategies, demonstrations and loans, and accessibility support. We are a multidisciplinary team of nationally and internationally renowned professionals with various experiences and expertise, collaborating daily to provide the best services to our clients. Our experienced consultants and trainers are well-known leaders in the field of AT, UDL, Personalized Learning, AAC, Inclusion, Literacy and Accessibility- locally, nationally, and abroad! All consultants and professionals are avid users of assistive and educational technology on a daily basis. We are dedicated and enthusiastic professionals with significant and personal experience in the field that contributes to our passion, dedication and service delivery. We will support all individuals with finding the appropriate AT (assistive technology) to support the user (child or adult) to be successful in Education, Employment (workplace) or activities of daily living (Home and Community).

AT for Education provides Assistive Technology Consultation, Assessments/ Comprehensive Evaluations, Training, Professional Development Workshops, Demonstrations and Loans, Webinars, Online Learning, Keynote presentations, Full-Day Pre-Conferences, and ongoing maintenance and support for individuals, families, students, adults, school districts, businesses and other institutions or organizations. Our team of professionals has collectively over thirty years of experience in Special Education, Private Practice, UDL, The Health & Medical Industry, Personalized Learning, K-12, Post-Secondary education, Adult Education and Employment (Workplace), as well as naturally aging. We specialize in Assistive Technology Use, Configuration, Implementation and Training for Access to Education, Employment/ the Workplace, the Community and Home. Services are provided nationally.

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