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Access4Employment offers Assistive Technology Assessments, Recommendations and Training for Employees to Equally and Efficiently Access the Workplace, and support productivity. This includes work from home and home workstations. Assistive Technology supports individuals with disabilities to be able to  to accomplish tasks that may be difficult or impossible due to their disability, in the workplace, college or vocational training, removing barriers and providing opportunities. Many of these accommodations and technologies are low cost, sometimes Free and already built in to the technology individuals already have access to.

Assistive Technology enhances an individual’s strengths and skills, improving  access and efficiency in all environments.

We support adults of all abilities & disabilities including those with Dyslexia, LD, ADHD/ ADD, Physical Disabilities, Blind/ Low Vision, Hearing Impaired/ Deaf, Cognitive Disabilities, Autism, Anxiety,  Executive Function needs, and others.

Many Businesses Are Missing Out!

Quality Employees

People with disabilities…

  • Have equal or higher performance ratings than their non-disabled colleagues
  • Have higher retention rates and less absenteeism
  • Are a significant portion (1 in 5) of America’s talented pool of job seekers
  • Two of three say they would like to work but options are limited

Financial Benefits

  • Disabled employees can relate better to customers with disabilities, who represent $1 trillion in annual aggregate consumer spending.
  • Employers who hire people with disabilities benefit from a number of tax and financial incentives.

Accessibility Help for Employers

Access4Employment provides employers with consultation and training services to make the workplace accessible and productive. A4E ensures that adults with disabilities have equal opportunities to stay productive, independent and efficient in the workforce and in their communities. This includes adults with an existing disability, as well as those who acquire a disability via an accident or medical condition, as well as aging senior adults and veterans. Assistive Technology enhances an individual’s strengths and skills, improving  access and efficiency in all environments.

Workplace accessibility for your current and future employees does not have to be overwhelming. You already know that workplace accessibility is not only critical to hiring new talent but it is also critical to retaining your important employees.

Fact: Talented people with disabilities want to work but they face obstacles in the workplace.

Fact: Many employers face legitimate obstacles and may lack understanding of current laws and tools that are available to make their choices to hire disabled persons easier. In fact, most employers today still believe that disabled workers can’t perform their jobs as well as non-disabled workers and most expect to pay a high cost to adapt jobs to people with disabilities. This simply isn’t true.

Services Include:

  • Workplace Assessment/ Needs Assessment (Including work from Home)
  • Assistive Technology Recommendation & Training (Application, Configuration, Use, Implementation).
  • Accessibility Testing & Consultation for compliance & access for websites, PDF’s, software, databases, work email platforms.
  • AT integration with IT
  • Workstation modification/ adaptation
  • Computer Access

Services are also provided for Administration, HR, Disability Support Personnel, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, Families, and Individuals with Disabilities.

We address all abilities/ disabilities including Cognitive, Dyslexia, LD, PTSD, TBI, Executive Function, Intellectual Disability, Blind, Low Vision, Deaf-Blind, Anxiety, Physical Access, Mobility, Deaf / Hard of Hearing, Autism, MD, Cerebral palsy, ALS.

A4E also supports individuals with access to the community and home using Assistive Technology for daily living.  AT can enable reading, using appliances, controlling the environment (heat/AC/lights/radio/TV/telephone) and communication. AT can boost access to community activities like shopping, banking, dining, cooking, hobbies, sports/ recreation, computer and phone access, and attending social events.

Contact us:

Toll Free (844) 922-2833

Our consultants are certified and experienced professionals well-known nationally in the AT industry. We are here to assist and support your needs.

3 weeks ago

We're thrilled to present Matthew Walzer with a 2021 National #CerebralPalsy Awareness Award for his personal design inspiration and collaboration w/ @Nike to create the Nike Go FlyEase - a completely hands-free shoe making it easier for many people with disabilities to wear shoes. Matthew's personal CP experience led him to contact Nike and the rest is history! The Go FlyEase is based on "Universal design" which means creating products that can be used by all people, leading to more accessibility for everyone. Congratulations Matthew! To close out National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month over the next 5 days we will be announcing more award winners in the categories of health, education, awareness, and technology. [Image Description: a photo of Matthew Walzer, who has CP, smiling and holding up a blue, purple and yellow Go FlyEase shoe in his left hand. The photo is surrounded by a green frame with the words "2021 National CP Awareness Award Winner" on the bottom next to the CPF logo. The photo also has the round, green Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day 2021 seal with the date 3.25.21 in the center.]#GoGreen4CP #CPAwareness #CPWarrior #NationalCPAwarenessAwards2021 #CPAwarenessDay2021 ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

The Virtual Tech Industry Career Showcase is an opportunity for candidates with disabilities to learn from businesses that are seeking to recruit talent with disabilities. Eight tech companies - Amazon, Facebook, Google, Intel, Qualcomm, Raytheon Technologies, Salesforce, and UKG – will participate.Each company will take several minutes to share information on their culture, the tech and non-tech roles available in their companies, how to showcase your talent, apply for roles at their companies and more. you seeking new career opportunities in the tech industry? Join us on April 7 or April 14 from the comfort of your home to hear from companies like, Facebook, Google, Intel, Qualcomm, Raytheon Technologies, Salesforce and UKG - Ultimate Kronos Group! Register by April 2nd to hear about #opportunities from these companies #RecruitDisabilityTalent ... See MoreSee Less
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