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Assistive Technology & Accessibility Services:

  • Consultation regarding Assistive Tech and/ or AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication) use and implementation;  Monthly, Weekly, Quarterly, as required or needed. AT Training & Implementation, Individual, 1:1, Large & Small group PD; Workshops & webinars; Remote Learning and Online Learning Support and Implementation, as well as in the Classroom or Virtual, and AT in the workplace.
  • Assistive Technology Coaching and Tutoring
  • Support for Schools, K-12 as well as Post Secondary Institutions. See our Workshop & Webinar Offerings!
  • Support for Adults and Individuals-Adult AT assessments and training for the workplace, home, transition to college, and community. Private evaluations, consultation and training as well as support for clients via Vocational Rehabilitation and area agencies/ support organizations.
  • Assistive Technology and Accessibility training on all devices and platforms- Apple, Google, Microsoft & Android.
  • Creating & Providing AEM – Accessible Educational Materials
  • Developing AT Teams, Training & Managing AT Teams, UDL Support, AT Implementation and Process Support. Integration with IT Plans.
  • UDL and Inclusive Learning- Access and Technology for ALL Learners
  • AT Audits, Recommendations, Support with Acquisition & Funding as well as Training.This is a picture of a handicapped student doing thumbs up sign next to a laptop.
  • Individual Comprehensive Assistive Technology Evaluations/ Assessments; AT (All Disabilities- Physical, Blind and Low Vision, Executive Function, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, TBI, Cognitive, Intellectual, Deaf, Hearing Disability, Autism, Neurodiverse) & AAC (Augmentative Communication). Children and Adults, Education and Workplace Access as well as Community and Home Support.
  • Training- Individual and Group/PD ( Professional Development) See Examples:
  • AT Summer Camps: Examples
  • Accessibility and ADA Compliance, Document Accessibility Support, Accessible Textbooks & Learning Materials, AEM.
  • AT Support for Disability Support Organizations, Vocational Rehabilitation, Area Agencies, Community and Parent Support Programs.
  • Conference Presentations, Keynotes, Seminars, Half-Day, Full-Day, Evening, AT Camps (2-3 Days), Webinars and Webinar Series, Self-Paced remote workshops.
  • Assistance and Support with Funding via Medicaid, Insurance, Grants and other options.
  • PreK-12, Post-Secondary Services as well as Employment/ Workplace assessment, consultations and solutions/ training.
  • Demonstrations, Trials & Loans of Various Assistive Technology Solutions.
  • Live Webinars and Workshops customized to your needs.
  • Parent and family Support and Individual Support, One to One consultation, tutoring, training.
  • Support for Educators, Special Educators, Admin, and Paraprofessionals
  • Online Learning courses and online/remote AT training meetings.
  • AT Implementation, Maintenance, On-Going Support
  • Create an AT team in your school-Policy, Process, Forms & Documentation, Training- Build Your In-House Support Team!
  • Create an AT Lab on your Campus
  • Train the Trainer sessions on various AT
  • AT in the IEP, writing measurable goals, daily implementation.
  • Training for student groups and educational teams (professionals or student groups such as Learning Skills Classes or Peer Tutors)
  • Training for Schools, Businesses, Organizations, Families, Large or Small Professional Development Workshops (Implementing AT in Education, Workplace, Community, Home). Productivity, Access, Independence, Efficiency.
  • Services for Disability Coordinators, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, School counselors, independent living counselors,  and Human Resources.
  • Adaptive Equipment & Adaptive Technology; Computer Access; Accessible Workstations; Adaptive furniture; modifications; Ergonomic Support, fabrication.
  • Conferences and Workshops Nationally & Internationally.
  • AT Assessments & Services for Adults, Seniors, and Veterans to Access Home, Community, ADL’s/Independent Living and the Workplace.
  • Services for HR/Business Managers to ensure Access and Compliance.


General questions and discussions via phone or email are provided at no charge. For specific service quotes and proposals contact us at or call +1-844-922-2833.

To learn more about why having an AT Assessment is important, visit this page.