Assistive Tech Camp for Legally Blind Youth, NH, MA, New England-5/4-5/6/18

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Assistive Tech Camp for Legally Blind Youth! The Association of Blind Citizens (ABC) is sponsoring a weekend camp in Dover, NH for legally blind youth between the ages of 12-16. ABC is a not for profit, all volunteer, organization that has been providing programs and services for the blind and visually impaired community for the past 18 years. This program is an outgrowth of our experience in operating camps for blind children. Participants will spend the weekend experiencing hands-on technology demonstrations and group activities! Bring your own iPhone and/or iPad. If you do not own one, devices will be available on loan with apps fully loaded. The Assistive Technology expert trainers, Diana Petschauer and Stephen Yerardi from AT for Education ( will engage the students with activities to teach:

*Built-In Accessibility features to access everything from your phone or tablet (text to speech, magnification, high contrast, display accommodations, speech to text)
*Access to Digital Books and Handouts for school
*Support for Literacy, Math and Executive Function
*Instant OCR and text to speech for documents on the go such as Menus, grocery items, signs, etc.
*Money, color and product identification
*Navigation support
*Accessible Games and Activities
*Voice Control devices (Siri versus Alexa versus Google)
*The latest innovative assistive technologies being developed and utilized currently!
For recreation, an indoor pool for swimming and adaptive games will be available. This will be a weekend of learning and fun activities and a chance to meet new friends. The program will take place the weekend of May 4-6, 2018. We will pick up attendees in Boston (Other arrangements available for NH students). If you are an administrator, counselor, teacher of the visually impaired or an orientation & mobility instructor, please inform your students’ parents or guardian about this opportunity.
If you are the parent of a blind child/student, please contact John Oliveira, President, Association of Blind Citizens at or call 781-961-1023, if your child is interested. Registration materials will be provided at that time. This opportunity is being offered at no charge to participants. Limited Space Available! The registration deadline is April 15, 2018. iPad, iPhone and accessibility section of the iOS devices

NH Family Support Conference 4/28/18, Successful Transition Using AT! Accommodations, Laws, Tech demos,Advocacy!

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NH Family Support Conference 2018! 4/28, A student from NH presents with Diana from AT for Education-Successful Transition Using AT! Accommodations, Laws, Tech demos, Advocacy! Come Visit our Exhibitor Table for Hands-On support and AT Demos! (What a beautiful resort and views/ area to join us in the White Mountains of NH)!

This is a picture of a handicapped student doing thumbs up sign next to laptop outdoors.

Supporting Students with Dyslexia: AT, Accommodations, & Strategies-3/21-Live Webinar-Join Us!

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Dyslexia is the most common type of specific learning disability affecting 10-15% of the total population; In the US, approximately 1 in 5 students are coded with specific learning disability (SLD), many whom experience challenges in the area(s) of comprehension, oral expression, written expression, and/or basic reading skills (NCES, 2015). With so many individuals experiencing dyslexia, it is critical that educators & service providers acknowledge Dyslexia and provide research-based interventions to support students in accessing curriculum and instruction. Learn how to develop goals, choose appropriate accommodations, provide supportive assistive technology and specific literacy instruction to support access and success in education. Interventions designed to close achievement gaps by providing well-researched programming that is explicit, systematic, and multisensory in nature, combined with assistive technologies to foster literacy, independence, and access to educational materials. Embedding these interventions and AT tools into the curriculum will personalize learning and ensure access to language, literacy, and learning opportunities for all students, including in a UDL environment. Demonstrations of innovative assistive technologies, literacy strategies and lesson planning will be provided, as well as the opportunity for the participant’s to ask questions and access to an extensive AT tools matrix. The assistive technology demonstrations will include Google Chrome extensions (Laptop, Chromebook), iOS apps and built in accessibility features (iPad, iPhone), and web-based resources, including several free and low cost options for students and adults! REGISTER! 


Assistive Technology-Supporting Diverse Learners-Free AT workshop, Needham, MA, 2/15/18

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Join us 2/15 at 7pm in Needham, MA!

How do you support diverse learners using free and low-cost apps & assistive technology solutions? Join us for this workshop focusing on ensuring success for all learners using the tools, features, and apps available in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Chrome Web Store. These solutions support personalizing education for all learners, as well as engaging and including all students in a Universal Design for Learning environment.

Topics covered will include:
• Free and low-cost apps and web resources
• Built-in accessibility features on various devices
• Assistive technology to support dyslexia and other cognitive learning challenges in reading, writing, and math, executive function, physical access disabilities, blind/low vision, and accessible learning materials
• Personalization of learning, support of a Universal Design for Learning environment, and access for all learners
• Completing assignments using technology

Admission is FREE, but space is limited and first come, first serve. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.

Refreshments will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there!

AT Now Conference-OTAP-Salem OR, 2/8/18-Join Us for Two AT workshops!

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Join us at the AT Now conference in Salem, Oregon, February 8 and 9th, for two AT training workshops!

Phenomenal Keynote Speakers, AT Vendors Exhibiting, and other AT expert speakers throughout the two days!

Registration and Information:

11/28 Apps & AT Across the Curriculum-Supporting Diverse Learners! Hands-On All day workshop! Manchester, NH

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Apps & AT Across the Curriculum-Supporting Diverse Learners! CMTC Pre-Conference, 11/28, 8am-3pm, Session # PreC06-SA Pemigewasset Rm

This is a Hands-On All day workshop! Manchester, NH.


Equipment needed: The MITI (make It & take It) workshop registration fee includes an Apple iPad Air 16GB wifi and a $20 iTunes gift card. Particpants for the BYOD registration fee requires that you Bring Your Own iPad, but DOES include a $20 iTunes gift card. Participants encouraged to bring a laptop as well.
Software needed: Prior to the workshop, if you do not already have an iTunes account, workshop participants are requested to create a free account at:  

Build the Bridge to Learning-AT to Include Diverse Learners on All Devices Across the Curricula! Supporting UDL!

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Full Day Pre-Conference-Hands-On Learning!
Join Us! 8:30 am – 3:30 pm, 11/30/17
Assistive Technology Conference New England, Rhode Island, Register:

Many schools are now implementing BYOD or 1 to 1 programs that provide more choice for educators and learners. Some are Going Google with Chromebooks and Google Apps, others are using Apple devices or Windows laptops. How do you support diverse learners on all devices, using free and low cost (high quality) Apps, tools & AT solutions? Join us for this workshop focusing on ensuring success for all learners using AT tools, features, extensions and apps, as well as free web resources and Windows options. These AT solutions support personalizing education for students, as well as engaging and including all students in a UDL environment. AT tools to support your learners in accessing textbooks, curriculum materials (Handouts/Worksheets), research and study skills & completing assignments using technology. Technologies to support students with LD (including Dyslexia), physical disabilities, low vision or blindness, & difficulties with literacy, math and executive functioning (scheduling, reminders, planning, organization, etc.) will be discussed & explored hands on! You will have a powerful toolkit of resources for fostering & success across all platforms, devices, and subjects! Access to General & Special Education for all students will be explored hands-on! Bring your technology to follow along!