Assistive Technology For Education And Our Managing Director


Diana Petschauer, M.Ed, ATP, is a nationally certified Assistive Technology Professional via RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America), and is the founder of Assistive Technology for Education LLC and Access4Employment LLC.

AT for Education provides Assistive Technology Consultation, Assessments/ Comprehensive Evaluations, Training, Professional Development Workshops, Demonstrations and Loans, Webinars, Online Learning, Keynote presentations, Full-Day Pre-Conferences, and ongoing maintenance and support for individuals, families, students,  adults, school districts, businesses and other institutions or organizations.  Our team of professionals has collectively over thirty years of experience in Special Education, K-12, post-secondary education, adult education and employment, and naturally aging. We specialize in Assistive Technology Use, Configuration, Implementation and Training for access to education, employment/ the workplace, the community and home. Services are provided nationally.

CEO Diana next to a presentation screenPreviously, Diana was the Assistive Technology Specialist at the University of New Hampshire, Disability Services. UNH is where Diana earned her Master’s in Special Education. She also worked in Special Education in a public school setting for over 15 years. Diana continues to fulfill her vision of providing high quality, effective, and personal Assistive Technology Services to students and adults, for all ages and environments as needed. AT for Education provides consultation and training for education purposes, as well as access for employment (Access4Employment) and access to the community, home and ADL’s. If you would like to know more about the  other highly qualified Assistive Technology Expert Consultants who provide services at AT for Education, please visit the Meet the Consultants page.

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AT for Education also works with clients to ensure ADA compliance, 503, 504 and 508 compliance as well as Accessibility Testing and support for websites, learning materials, e-books, online courses, and computer testing. Accessibility testing with Assistive Technology, such as screen readers, voice recognition/dictation, switch access, keyboard access, Voice Over and tablets, refreshable braille displays, and magnification is provided. AT for Education assists businesses with 503 and 504 compliance for employees with disabilities, and fosters access and productivity in the workplace via assistive technology and accessible technology, for employees/individuals with disabilities. (Access4Employment).

Diana and her multi-disciplinary team of consultants travel to, attend and present at several national &  international conferences annually, such as FETC, ARATA, ACTEM, CSUN,  Closing the Gap, New England AT, ATIA, CMTC, as well as smaller AT conferences Beautiful waterfall cascading down rocks amid treesnationally.  Assistive Technology options change daily; The professionals at AT for Education consistently research to maintain current knowledge of the most innovative and effective solutions available.

In her free time, Diana is an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast (biking, boating, stand up paddleboard, kayaking), venturing between the Mountains, Lakes and the Seacoast, as well as traveling nationally & internationally.

Diana and her team of professionals strive to provide support for personalized learning and universal access to education, communication, employment/ the workplace, and the community for all individuals to demonstrate their full potential while contributing and being included equally.

If you’d like to know more about specific services and training, head over to the AT Assessments and Services pages.
If you feel you may need Assistive Technology Services, please contact AT for Education by email at or call (844) 922-2833. You can also use the form on our Contacts page.