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IDEA, the Federal Special Education law, provides the following legal definition of  Assistive Technology is used to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.  Under IDEA assistive technology devices can be used in the educational setting to provide a variety of accommodations or adaptations for students with disabilities. Click here to learn more 

Assistive Technology Services for Schools and Districts:

AT for Education provides professional development training workshops and webinars for educational staff, parents, students, tutors and related therapists; see examples here:

A tablet computer with a screen reader on the screen.We also provide consultation and evaluations, as well as support for developing AT Teams and/ or Labs in K-12 and Higher Ed. We support Administration and IT with integration, process and policies, and realistic implementation across curriculum.

In order to schedule an Assistive Technology evaluation/assessment for a specific student or individual, first the school, agency, individual, or organization needs to:

  • Contact us at or call +1-844-922-ATED (2833) to discuss your specific needs.
  • The process, fees & paperwork will be discussed and a contract will be provided.
  • The teachers, related therapists and parents or guardians will be sent our pre-assessment/student information forms.
  • Upon acquiring a signed release, a request for the student’s IEP and relevant testing from other assessments (ie: neuro-psych, vision, hearing, reading, OT, PT, speech/language, etc.) Any relevant testing will be requested. (K-12 only).
  • The expert consultant from AT for Education will call/email the Case Manager,  coordinator or director, parent or administrator to schedule the evaluation, as well as observations and follow-up meetings, training, trials, data collection and support.
  • AT for Education provides a comprehensive written report and will demonstrate all recommendations at a summary meeting, where members can specifically see how to implement or trial the recommended AT.
  • Free demonstrations and trials are provided.
  • Ongoing support and training is provided.
  • Teachers, related therapists, case managers, advisors, counselors,  administrators and the family are all invited to attend the meetings. Follow-up services are also available at the school, home, post-secondary institutions or the workplace and community.

Large or Small Group Professional Development Workshops and Webinars are provided for schools, organizations, businesses, as well as Assistive Technology Coaching and Tutoring for individual students, or groups of students or staff professionals.

Training is customized to the specific needs and requests of the participants, and can be provided as a demonstration/lecture or hands-on training. Live Webinars and Remote Training (Online learning) is available and is interactive, as participants can follow along with the instruction provided and ask questions for clarification. Webinars and Remote training can be recorded for future viewing, use and instruction. Follow up support for acquisition, configuration and set up, implementation and use is an option for all clients.


General Questions and Discussions via phone or email are provided at no charge. For specific service quotes and proposals contact us at or call +1-844-922-ATED (2833). You can also use the contact form on our Contact page.

To learn more about why having an AT Assessment is Important, visit the AT Assessments page.