Successful Transition to College! Full Day Workshop: AT, Accommodations & Advocacy

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Successful Transition to College! Full Day Workshop: AT, Accommodations & Advocacy

Southeastern Regional Education Service Center (SERESC)

Bedford, NH

With Diana Petschauer & Alyssa Marinaccio from AT for Education

Transition from high school to college is a significant and critical time in a student’s life and educational career. This informative, hands-on workshop will inform participants of process, strategies, technology and resources to help ensure that the transition is a successful one! Many students (and parents/ educators) are not aware of the various accommodations provided in college and how to access them. Learn about the different assistive technology & supportive accommodation options for students in high school and college. Free and low-cost/ high quality AT options versus paid AT options will be explored, utilized in group activities and demonstrated. Discuss the importance of self-advocacy and awareness skills, communication with professors and instructors, meeting with counselors, confidentiality, questions and paperwork involved. Learn the difference between high school and post-secondary laws for students with disabilities. We will discuss parent involvement and student independence as an adult, as well as parent and student rights in high school versus college. Knowledge on how to seek accommodations in college including: when to start; what to ask for, who to contact, and what documentation colleges require. Learn about the admission process versus the process for registering with the Disabilities Services Office on campus and how to access and use your accommodations. Information regarding the acquisition of accessible versions of textbooks will also be shared (as this differs from the high school process). Assistive technology and app options will be demonstrated and explored hands on including literacy support, math support, note taking support, executive function support (time management, scheduling and reminders, organization, planning), and support for sensory and physical disabilities, using various devices, tools and platforms. Campus wide resources such as math and writing support and specific tutoring & mentoring resources will be shared. Many resources will be shared for participants to refer back to and use immediately.

First Hand Knowledge and Expertise shared by two experts in the field! Read Bio’s and more information as well as registration Here.

Enjoy An Unlimited Collection Of Movies And TV Shows!!

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The application of Showbox online is a wonderful source for android devices, where one can enjoy an unlimited collection TV shows and movies, completely free of cost. Yes! You heard it right; you don’t have spent dollars for watching your favorite movie

Watching movies in HD quality is now possible with the application of Showbox. The best part about this application is that, it has an easy to use interface which makes it very convenient for the user to enjoy his favorite movie and TV shows.

The procedure of watching movies online is very using the platform of Showbox. All one needs to do is to install the application on his android device, and he is good to go. The application of Showbox works in conjugation with different HD video portals, which provide some of the high quality videos, which you can enjoy in your leisure time.

What are the important features of the application:

Some important features of Showbox online includes,

  • Looking for a particular option become very easy as there is a sorting option available, which easily classifies the different movie and TV show options, on the basis of its ratings and reviews available on the internet.
  • Different movies and TV shows are sorted in alphabetical order, with the help of which you can easily find the desirable source available. The classification is done on the basis of the title, genre, and more.
  • The format of Showbox application is entirely in High Definition, which means that the user will have a high quality video watching experience.
  • One doesn’t have to worry about the security of the application, as only the licensed products is available on the applications, which makes the application of Showbox, secure and virus free.
  • Talking of the speed of the shoebox applications, it offers one of the fastest response speeds, which is not available in different applications of the same type. If one has an active internet connection, with a descent speed, then it is only a matter of few seconds to browse the desirable choice of media source.

Having fun and entertainment, on a mobile platform has now become really easy as the application of Showbox can be downloaded very easily without any hassle. The services which the platform provides is completely free of cost, which makes it much more feasible for an individual to get the application and enjoy watching his favorite movies and TV shows online.

Not only mobile phone, but you can also enjoy your favorite movie and TV shows on laptops, tablet and other media devices, as the application is compatible with all. The database of the application is quite large which means that the user can easily find his desirable choice, irrespective of the year in which the movies was released.

So, if you are planning to watch your favorite movie, and don’t want to spend money, then you can simply get the application of Showbox online, and enjoy an unlimited subscription of TV shows and movies, without any hassle.


7 Best Earbuds Under $100 in 2017 – Best Value for Money Models Only

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If you go to a regular gym and you prefer listening music on the process, then good earbuds are really necessary. Most of the earbuds cost much but don’t last for long days, so you need a quality headphone that is sweat resistant. In this post, I will suggest you best earbuds for a gym that will suit for your regular use.

Top best earbuds for the gym:

  1. Bose SoundSport Wireless:

This is one of the best sports headphones that are comfortable to use and light weighted. You can easily make cell-phone calls, and it comes with wireless feature. This product gives you easy options and decent sound quality for listening to your best music, while you are in the gym. The earbud is designed brilliantly, and it is sweat resistant which dim feet for your daily purpose.

  1. Plantronics BackBeat Fit:

This earbud has come with a wireless stereo wireless headset that gives you quality sound. You can easily use it on your gym as it is sweat proof and lightweight. It has a good microphone that you helps in making calls and speaks while gym. This is one of the best wireless sports headphones that is available at such an affordable price.

  1. Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones:

This is a Bluetooth headphone that fit best to your ear with the best sound quality and design. The product has a strong battery life, and the operation is really reliable and easy. This earbud best fit in Android phones and you can instantly hear to your favorite music on the gym. This earbud is available in multiple colors like white, black, shock yellow, flash blue, and siren red. This product is sweat and water resistant, and you can use it while you are in the gym for listening to music, etc.

  1. Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones:

This earphone is one of the best products that can resist noise, sweat, water, etc. The design is quite appealing, and it includes microphone, remote, carrying case as well. So, you can now easily control the bass, trebles and listen a quality sound of your desire. You can get this best earphones under 100 at an affordable price that will fit for your regular use.

Some of the above-mentioned products are best earbuds for a gym that you can buy now. So, get any one of this suggested earbud to experience the features out of it.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 – watch Live Streaming Online

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Game of thrones the popular HBO series was announced to be released soon. The 7th season is going to be short due to the small story content, which is remaining. Similar to the 6th season the 7th season will be based on outline of 2 final and presently unpublished novels. The release date of the game of thrones season 7 will be aired in the summer 2017. The first glimpse of the GoT season 7 was aired on HBO in the United States. A very short teaser was broadcasted during a break.

The video is not available online yet, but fans have already taken the pictures of the game of thrones teaser and they have also started uploading them online for other fans. All this has given a little information about what we can expect in the season 7.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 :

The first teaser emphasis to be on House of Stark who suffered from many unpleasant and ghastly calamities at hands of westeros dynasties over few seasons. There are many fans of GoT and they are also facing some difficulties.  The major revelation was made about the characters including game of thrones s07e02

  • Jon Snow
  • Daenery’s
  • Sansa

All these names were a huge leak online and will be seen in the season 7 as well.  HBO has   not stated anything about the leads like the Season 5 episodes were leaked in 2015. There is plot detailing available about the season 7 and the majority of the fans are assuming it to be correct. HBO has already confirmed the names of the characters, which will be seen in the season 7. The names of the directors are also confirmed.

Still it is not known who is going to direct the individual episodes until now. According to the watchers of game of thrones, line ups are as follows.

  • Episode 1: Jeremy Podeswa
  • Episode 2: Mark Mylod
  • Episode 3: Mark Mylod
  • Episode 4: Matt Shakman
  • Episode 5: Matt Shakman
  • Episode 6: Alan Taylor
  • Episode 7: Jeremy Podeswa

Game of thrones is having millions of fans and some of them have posted fan shot video of the season 7 filming. Two characters are revealed. You can watch this  video online  and you ill see  the scenes of the game of thrones season 7 episode 3 and you might  also see some plot spoilers in the video.

Keep your fingers crossed

All the fans of game of thrones have kept their fingers crossed for the sequel and spin off. Now because we are just going to get two more seasons. So, fans are going to get both bad and goodness.

The season 7 is going to be delayed and is going to come this year in summers. There are lots of amazing things on its ways for the fans of game of thrones. The bad news is that we will get lesser episodes. There are many things that game of thrones season 7 is going to bring for the fans.


AT & Apps Across the Curriculum-Support Diverse Learners with Google & iOS! Full Day Hands On PD workshop!

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Tues. 5/9/17

8 am – 3 pm

Southeastern Regional Education Service Center best laptops for gaming (SERESC)

Bedford NH 03110

(603) 206-6800

Info and Registration: Registration and Flyer

Who Should Attend:

Special Educators, Educators, Paraprofessionals, Case Managers, Curriculum Coordinators, Student Services Coordinator, Special Education Directors, Counselors, Advisors, Disability Services Personnel, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, Parents, College Students, IT Directors, IT staff, Technology Integrators, Media Specialists, Educational Technology Specialists 


Best Wireless Routers | How to Choose Best Wireless Router

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There are many people who will agree that wireless router is critical hardware in a LAN or home local area network.  It can also be difficult and troublesome to install them. Maintaining routers is also something difficult to maintain.  If you are going to look for a best wireless routers under $50 then it is going to helpful in giving you profit.  This way you will have a high speed internet connection for your small business or home.  Although all are going to shop in a totally different way, there are still some steps, which you can consider.

Signal strength evaluation

You will see that there are different routers and they are also having different signal strengths.  You must look which is going to fit in your needs the best.  You can evaluate this by real life tests.  You must look for the obstacles in the environment and in specific distance as well.

What speed you want

It is important that your existing connection is going to support your router.  You must look for megabits, Mbps, up to date routers support. Also look for standards previously.  There are many things which you will have to look under this category.  There are many things which can double up the speed with a best wireless routers under $100.

Test your selected equipment

There are specifications available, but it is going to give you just theoretical part, but shows are going to give you actual performance.  There are online websites where you can test the speed of your network.

Select encryption

You must consider the requirement for encryption. There are WPA employed on wireless routers or there might be other encryption that can protect your networks from the hackers.  You might also require technical support from the manufactures of routers or you can even select latest method of encryption.

Do not forget about compatibility problems

One of the vital factors of selecting a high quality wireless router with the brand name having existing network cards. For computer hardware or workstation without capability of having built-in network. LAN connections are having better speed.

Look for a customer support

You must look for a wireless router from a manufacture having a good technical support.  This is one of the most critical things that you must not skip.  The support will also help you in critical and installing the device properly.

Compare warranties

One of the best strategies to find the wireless router of best quality is to look for guarantee.  It must last for few years. You must be looking for the warranty as an important part of your purchase.  You must include this in the pros and cons of your buying list.

Online you can look for different brands and models.  There it is going to be easy to compare best brands, there features and prices.  There are precise reviews with all features explained.  This way you can pick the one that suits your budget and needs the best.  Comparing them will also let you have a good router for yours mall business.

Another Free AT Workshop-New England, Needham, MA

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In the New England Area? Check out another Free AT workshop event in Needham, MA, with Kelsey Hall and Diana Petschauer of
AT: Supporting Diverse Learners with Google and iOS!
Thursday, April 13, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EDT
Commonwealth Learning Center – Needham
220 Reservoir Street
Suite 6
Needham, MA 02494
Register Here

Free Assistive Technology and Dyslexia Workshop! New England

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FREE Assistive Technology and Dyslexia Workshop!
In the New England Area? Join Diana Petschauer and Kelsey Hall of ATforED in southern NH on April 6, 2017 for the FREE Assistive Technology and Dyslexia Workshop, hosted by NHIDA! (NH Branch of the International Dyslexia Association).
Location: Nashua Community College, Nashua, NH
Time: 6pm-9pm
3 Hours of PD credit available for educators! Free and Open to  the Public including parents, students, professionals, educators and others. AT, accommodations, literacy strategies, IEP goals and advocacy!

For Questions or Info call 603-229-7355 or email

Schedule Your AT Summer Camp or UDL Workshop for Staff or Students!

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AT Makes UDL Possible for All Learners!

AT for Education is currently scheduling our UDL and AT Summer camps and Workshops as well as our Evaluation and Training Services for 2017-2018 school year! See examples and information below, as well as on our website:

Interwoven throughout the newly reauthorized version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESSA) are references to an instructional strategy that supporters think has enormous potential for reaching learners with diverse needs…Within the Every Student Succeeds Act, Congress said that states should adhere to principles of Universal Design for Learning throughout teaching and as they develop student assessments. ESSA also says that federal money can be used for technology that supports the strategy!

Universal Design for Learning is for any and ALL students, but how do you include your diverse students and those with disabilities? AT makes UDL possible! Empower your learners to be self-directed and engaged by developing skills and personalizing their learning with the use of AT tools that meet the needs of all learners. Many students and educators don”t even realize the potential and capabilities built-into the devices they already have!

After first issuing 1:1 iPads, laptops and Chromebooks, many schools are now implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs that provide more choice for educators and learners. Some are Going Google with Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education (GAFE). How do you support diverse learners on all devices, across curriculum and instruction, using free and low cost  Apps &  AT solutions?
Our UDL and AT summer camps and workshops are hands-on and developed to meet the specific needs of your staff or students, we present in a UDL fashion, everyone is engaged and included! You choose one full day, 3 days, or a week!
Some Examples of What We Offer:

  • Building a Bridge to Learning- How to Engage and Include Diverse Learners on All Devices Across Curricula!
  • Chrome as AT-Google Chrome to Support UDL and Personalized Learning, Support for Diverse Learners!
  • Apps & AT Across the Curriculum-Engaging & Including Diverse Learners in a UDL Environment, Google & iOS!
  • UDL 101- Access, Engage, Express! Building the Learner Profile and Backpack!
  • Apps and AT to Support Literacy, Language Development, and AAC! 
  • Supporting Students with Dyslexia: AT, Accommodations & Literacy Strategies.
  • Successful Transition to College: AT, Accommodations & Advocacy!
  • AT and Apps to Support your Blind and Low Vision Learners-Access to ALL Content and Learning tools!
  • Support Literacy, Access, Executive Function, Math, Physical & Sensory Support, Access to Accessible Worksheets, handouts, textbooks, and More!

Contact AT for Education today to discuss your needs and schedule your professional development or technology camp!

Our Consultants are certified and nationally renowned professionals who travel nationally to provide AT and UDL services.

Information about individual AT Assessments and Evaluations can be found on our website:



How to Engage and Include Diverse Learners on All Devices Across Curricula

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Creating A Bridge To Learning For ALL: Accessing Curriculum & Content With Universal Design For Learning And Assistive Technology!  Looking forward to presenting/ facilitating this engaging, hands-on workshop at FETC in Orlando in January, with Luis Perez, @eyeonaxs,  as part of the Special Education track! Hope to see you at the Future of Education Technology Conference this winter for professional development and networking! Register Today! 1/24-1/27/17

Also Check out our second session: Touch as a Way of Seeing! REDUCE barriers, UDL, AT, ALL learners-including blind and low vision!   

Modern mobile phone in office connecting tech devices around the world together

Modern mobile phone in office connecting tech devices around the world together