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Schedule your Assistive Technology Services & PD for 2021-2022

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Schedule your Assistive Technology Services & Professional Development for 2021-2022! Evaluations, Consultation, Implementation, Training, Webinars, Workshops, Seminars-
Classroom Support, Workplace Support, Remote & Hybrid, We Help Support ALL Learners, Individuals, Educators, Parents & Professionals Across Curriculum & Instruction, as well as in the workplace. One-to-one support, Small & Large Groups, Schools, Districts, Students, Educators, Parents & Related Therapists.
ADHD, Dyslexia, LD, Executive Function Needs, Transition to College & Work, Literacy Support, Physical Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Sensory Disabilities (Blind/ CVI/ Deaf/ Hearing Impaired), Autism, Complex Communication Users (AAC), Learning Recovery, Inclusive Design, Accessibility, Accessible Workplace & UDL. Access on All Devices, All Platforms (Chromebook, iPad, Laptop, Mac, Windows, Microsoft, Google, Apple).
Read about our Workshops and PD: https://bit.ly/ATforEDworkshops

Building a Dyslexia/Dysgraphia Toolkit That Works! Free Live Webinar 3/10

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Building a Dyslexia/Dysgraphia Toolkit That Works! Join Our Free live webinar 3/10 at 1pm Eastern, 12pm Central, 11am Mountain, 10am Pacific. In this webinar, Diana Petschauer, M.Ed., ATP & Laurie McIntosh, MS, OTR/ L, ATP (from AT for Education – ATforED.com), and Kati McIlroy, OT (Don Johnston), will show you a powerful toolkit to support students with dyslexia & dysgraphia.
Dyslexia and Dysgraphia were in focus even before Remote & Hybrid Learning. But, now more than ever, educators, parents & districts are looking for effective ways to help students access and complete assignments independently—wherever they learn.
Students with dyslexia or dysgraphia, often have difficulties with:
Decoding and comprehension
Spelling & Grammar
Written expression and writing speed (thinking faster than they can write)
Independence (they rely on adults for reading and writing tasks)
Writing math symbols; aligning numbers and word problems
Phonics and Phonemic Awareness
Finishing research, reading, and writing assignments on time
You’re going to need the BEST combination of technology and measurement tools to help your students rise above these challenges, recover from the COVID slide, and build confidence to work independently.
In this webinar, Diana, Laurie and Kati will show you a powerful toolkit to support students with dyslexia and dysgraphia including:
Tools/ Tech/ demos and strategies; realistic implementation for the iPad and Chromebook/laptop to support literacy, math and multi-sensory instruction (Including tools to support OG instruction and activities)
Co:Writer® (Word Prediction and Voice Typing for written expression)
Snap&Read™ (Text-to-Speech, PDF Annotation, Text Leveling, Study Tools/Highlighter to fully access reading materials)
Annotation tools that make PDFs quizzes and worksheets accessible
The uPAR process to help staff choose appropriate reading accommodations with data
The DeCoste Writing Protocol—a process to evaluate writing barriers
Come Learn what makes a real, positive difference for students living and learning with dyslexia and dysgraphia.
Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance, Word Prediction Screening Tool, and Participant Resource Folder with extensive resources on apps, extensions, tools and technologies to add to your Dyslexia Toolkit!
Join us Live or Register to watch the webinar recording the following day. https://bit.ly/DysToolkit
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Live Virtual Seminar-Earn CEU’s! AT for All: Essential Tools to Support All Learners in Remote, Live Classroom, and Hybrid Settings-Hands-On workshop

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AT for All: Essential Tools to Support All Learners in Remote, Live Classroom, and Hybrid Settings- Join Diana Petschauer and Laurie McIntosh from ATforED on May 13th, 2021, 8am-4pm for an engaging, hands-on, full day workshop!

Gain knowledge and access to an incredible number of resources and tools for the ultimate and essential AT Toolkit! Support ALL learners, with and without disabilities, using free and low-cost assistive technologies and Ed Tech tools. Empower your learners to gain confidence, independence, and motivation in remote and hybrid learning for greater attendance and success. Join us for this engaging, hands-on workshop focused on ensuring access, inclusion, and success for all learners on any device. We will apply specific focus to Google, Apple, and Microsoft assistive technologies, Ed Tech tools, and accessibility. These tools can support students in accessing the curriculum, participating in assignments and activities, research and study skills, note-taking, literacy and math support, executive function (organization, time management, focus and attention, motivation, planning and prioritizing), transition to college or work, working with Accessible Educational Materials, Social Emotional Support/ Well-Being, Healthy Browsing, and more. While this workshop will focus on the significant support available for learners who have Dyslexia or other LD, are blind or low vision, or have a physical, cognitive, or sensory disability, these tools can support ALL learners both in strength and skill building and in addressing support challenges, especially during remote and hybrid learning. Expect interactive demonstrations, fun group activities, and engaging presentations. Whether you are remote, in the classroom, or a combination of both, these are the BEST tools and resources to support learners and educators for ALL Learning environments. Follow along with your own device for hands-on learning-laptops (Windows PC or Mac), Chromebook and iPad. NO matter what the next school year brings, you will be prepared and ready with your new knowledge and skills and Essential AT toolkit!

Brought to You by: Rehab Seminars: General & Special Education Conferences

More Information: https://www.rehabseminars.org/may-13-2021/may-course-8

Register: https://rehabseminars.regfox.com/may-2021

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Professional Development-Webinars, Workshops, On-Site & remote

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Schedule your Professional Development for Spring, Summer and Fall! Read about our Workshops, Webinars and PD offerings: https://bit.ly/ATforED_PDworkshops
Remote, Hybrid Learning & in the Classroom, We Help Support ALL Learners, Educators, Parents & Professionals Across Curriculum & Instruction. On-Site-Hands-On, Live Recorded and Pre-Recorded & Self-Paced Workshops, Webinars, Live Hands-On & Remote Professional Development, as well as Evaluations, Consultations, Tutoring & Training. One-to-one support, Small & Large Groups, Schools, Districts, Students, Educators, Parents & Related Therapists. https://atfored.com/
UDL, ADHD, Dyslexia, LD, Executive Function Needs, Physical Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Sensory Disabilities (Blind/ CVI/ Deaf/ Hearing Impaired), Autism, Complex Communication Users (AAC), SEL, Personalized Learning & UDL. https://bit.ly/ATforED_PDworkshops

Free Webinar-1/11-Support Struggling Learners Remote & Blended Learning

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Start the New Year positively with this Free Webinar to Support Struggling Learners during Remote and Blended/ Hybrid learning with tools, strategies & technology! “To say that things have been in flux over this past year is an understatement. The everyday learning environment has taken on a whole new meaning as you and your students have pivoted from in-person, to remote, to hybrid learning (and have bridged these gaps multiple times)…
Come explore strategies and tools to Empower Struggling Readers in a blended learning environment…” Looking forward to this Free webinar on 1/11/21! https://home.edweb.net/webinar/literacy20210111/

Your Executive Functioning Toolkit—Their Key to Independent Learning! Webinar 11/10/2020

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Join Diana Petschauer and Laurie McIntosh from @ATforEducation on Tuesday 11/10- Your Executive Functioning Toolkit—Their Key to Independent Learning! Diana and Laurie join the folks @donjohnstoninc to show Tools and Technology for Chromebooks, Laptops, and iPads, as well as Light Tech to Support Executive Function Skills, such as organization, task management, focus and attention, literacy, emotional regulation, scheduling and reminders, mind-mapping and more! http://bit.ly/EFtoolkit_2020_Webinar #ATchat #ATUDL #ExecutiveFunction #Dyslexia #ADHD #RemoteLearning #BlendedLearning #HybridLearning #Access4All #TeacherStrong

Schedule Your Summer & Fall Webinars,Workshops & PD! Assistive Tech, AAC & Remote Learning

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Schedule Your Summer & Fall Webinars, Workshops & PD! Assistive Tech, AAC & Remote Learning

ATforED and Access4Employment are scheduling our summer and fall professional development webinars and workshops for schools (k12 and post-secondary), parent organizations, educators, special educators and coordinators, related therapists (OT, SLP, TVI) administrators, tech integrators, vocational rehabilitation counselors, transition coordinators and area agency professionals. We are also currently scheduling evaluations and consultations for students and their teams.

  • Workshops provided as Half-Day (3 Hours), Full Day, After school, and as Live Interactive Webinars that are Recorded for future use and referral. Remote Learning Webinars for Including ALL Learners with Disabilities are Offered in increments between 1 and 3 hours with breaks as an option, as well as “Webinar Series.” Many Schools are now hosting “parent session webinars.” ALL technologies are compatible with Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Dojo and other learning platforms, as well as COPPA compliant.
  • All Webinars & Workshops are Hands-On; Participants are encouraged to bring technology/ devices to follow along, and we bring additional devices for group activities. (Laptop, iPad, Chromebook, AAC devices, other AT tools). *All On-Site Workshops Pending COVID-19 Updates & Can be planned as a Webinar for Back Up. Webinars can be provided with Hands-On support and time for participants to follow along, learn & practice skills.
  • AT & AAC Camps are typically offered as 2-3 consecutive half-day or full-day workshops (or a combination). These are also offered as Webinars for your professionals working with students who have complex communication needs/ devices and additional complex learning needs.
  • Our engaging workshops & webinars focus on ensuring access, inclusion, and success for All Learners on any device or platform (Chromebook, iPad, Laptop, Tablet).  We support Personalized Learning and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in any subject. Learn about tools that can support students in accessing curriculum, participating in assignments and activities, researching and studying, note taking, literacy and math support, executive function skills support, communication, transition and more, in ALL environments, including Remote Learning from home, as well as in the classroom and community or workplace.
  • Support for ALL abilities and disabilities including Cognitive, Sensory, Physical, Dyslexia, LD, PTSD, TBI, Executive Function, Blind, Low Vision, CVI, and Deaf/Hard of Hearing.
  • See a list and description of our workshops and webinar offerings: https://bit.ly/ATforED_PD_2020_2021
  • Call or email: info@ATforED.com    (844) 922- 2833

Free: AT, UDL & Ed Tech to Support Executive Function: Webinar, 5/6, 1:00 pm ET

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FREE & Open to ALL, including NH, in collaboration with NH Learns Alliance, @NHLearnAlliance
Wed, May 6, 1pm – 2pm

AT, UDL & Ed Tech to Support Executive Function: Webinar
Offered by AT for Education, NH Learns Alliance

Tools, Resources & Technologies to support Executive Functioning for students, educators & parents. Time Management, Scheduling & Reminders, Focus/ Attention, Literacy support, Anxiety and Mindfulness support, Task Management and Organization. Live Demos & strategies provided.
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 848 2767 9368
Password: 013094

Or, From the website, navigate to May 6 and 1 pm- click on details for the zoom link, and add to calendar for Pre-Registration: https://bit.ly/AT_EdTech_ExecFunction #ATchat #ATUDL #EdTechchat

Be sure to check out the NH Learns Alliance website for ALL of the great webinars and resources offered daily: https://sites.google.com/…/nh-learn…/online-learning-events…

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Online/Remote AT & AAC Evaluation, Consultation, Workshops& Webinars during COVID-19_ATforED Telepractice

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Online AT & AAC Consultation, Training, Webinars, Accessibility during COVID19-ATforED Telepractice- The expert consultants at AT for Education & Access4Employment will continue to provide online Assistive Technology and AAC consultation, training, and live webinars (that are recorded per request for future use) throughout the next few weeks/months, for anyone needing further support online during School and Business closures due to COVID-19. Diverse Learners Can Access Curriculum & Instruction. If you don’t know how your Diverse Learners can access their education online, we can show you how to do it with Assistive Technology. Adults with disabilities can also be productive  and successful from home for employment opportunities using AT. 

Whether you are in need of weekly or monthly consultation for AT or AAC implementation and use, AT or AAC evaluations, Professional Development training or hours, or support with meeting accessibility compliance, we are prepared to support your assistive technology needs.

Our online, tele-practice services are also provided for college students, students transitioning to post-secondary and vocational services, adults in the workplace or community, parents and family members, related therapists and healthcare workers, educators and staff, area agencies, disability support professionals, administrators and employers. Call or email for more information or to discuss your needs. 844-922-2833 info@ATforED.com

Were you or your staff scheduled to attend a conference that has been recently canceled? We are here to provide your online PD! Here are Examples of our professional development workshops, webinars and camps: http://bit.ly/ATforEDworkshops_webinars2020

We use the accessible and HIPPA approved Zoom platform for all online meetings, evals, consults, teleconferences and services, which allow our clients to see and hear our expert consultants, as well as our technology screens, whether we are using a laptop, Chromebook, iPad, tablet, etc. We also see our client’s screen as necessary to guide you through learning and troubleshooting. Our online services are available for 1:1 support, small group and large groups. We personalize our AT/AAC services to meet your specific needs. 844-922-2833 info@ATforED.com

Stay Healthy and Well.


AT & UDL Lab-Virtual Presentations-Support Learners with Dyslexia- Combining Assistive Technology & Literacy Intervention- THE BEST Multi-sensory Support for Dyslexia

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International Dyslexia Association Conference Offers- AT-UDL Lab! “In addition to explicit reading instruction, Technology is a component of support for learners with Dyslexia, and all learners. The Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning Lab offers two full days of live, virtual 30-minute presentations of riveting content from national experts in the areas of assistive technology and universal design…” Join this event live via the online conference venue or Facebook live! http://bit.ly/IDA_ATUDL_Lab

Combining Assistive Technology & Literacy Intervention- THE BEST Multi-sensory Support for Dyslexia

Assistive Technology (AT) combined with literacy instruction bridges gaps for learners with Dyslexia by supporting access to grade level content, supporting confidence and independence, improving reading and writing skills, supporting executive function skills (memory, recall, scheduling/ reminders, organization), as well as preparing them to succeed in higher ed and the workplace. AT reduces frustration and prevents learners from falling behind, or worse, wanting to drop out/ quit school because of literacy challenges. If individuals do not have access to AT along with literacy instruction, their literacy development will suffer, negatively impacting important skills such as comprehension, written expression, and conversation dialogue, as well as presentation skills. Assistive Technology supports critical executive function skills that many students with Dyslexia struggle with, including time management, organization, attention and focus, task initiation and emotional regulation, all critical for successful transition to post-secondary options and the global workplace. Often, students and educators don’t even realize what AT exists already in their pocket or backpack!

In addition, most reading specialists and SLP’s are elated to learn that there is assistive technology specifically to support OG literacy instruction, that can be embedded in their literacy intervention, not only to provide a multi-sensory approach, but for some of our learners with Dyslexia, this IS their means of access when they have a print disability. Sometimes replacing the paper and pencil due to fine motor difficulties, sometimes making the lessons accessible for a learner who also has CVI or a visual impairment.

AT Makes UDL Possible! AT supports multiple means of Access, Engagement, & Expression for All Learners, including those with Dyslexia.

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