Supporting Students with Dyslexia: AT, Accommodations, & Strategies-3/21-Live Webinar-Join Us!

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Dyslexia is the most common type of specific learning disability affecting 10-15% of the total population; In the US, approximately 1 in 5 students are coded with specific learning disability (SLD), many whom experience challenges in the area(s) of comprehension, oral expression, written expression, and/or basic reading skills (NCES, 2015). With so many individuals experiencing dyslexia, it is critical that educators & service providers acknowledge Dyslexia and provide research-based interventions to support students in accessing curriculum and instruction. Learn how to develop goals, choose appropriate accommodations, provide supportive assistive technology and specific literacy instruction to support access and success in education. Interventions designed to close achievement gaps by providing well-researched programming that is explicit, systematic, and multisensory in nature, combined with assistive technologies to foster literacy, independence, and access to educational materials. Embedding these interventions and AT tools into the curriculum will personalize learning and ensure access to language, literacy, and learning opportunities for all students, including in a UDL environment. Demonstrations of innovative assistive technologies, literacy strategies and lesson planning will be provided, as well as the opportunity for the participant’s to ask questions and access to an extensive AT tools matrix. The assistive technology demonstrations will include Google Chrome extensions (Laptop, Chromebook), iOS apps and built in accessibility features (iPad, iPhone), and web-based resources, including several free and low cost options for students and adults! REGISTER! 


Assistive Technology-Supporting Diverse Learners-Free AT workshop, Needham, MA, 2/15/18

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Join us 2/15 at 7pm in Needham, MA!

How do you support diverse learners using free and low-cost apps & assistive technology solutions? Join us for this workshop focusing on ensuring success for all learners using the tools, features, and apps available in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Chrome Web Store. These solutions support personalizing education for all learners, as well as engaging and including all students in a Universal Design for Learning environment.

Topics covered will include:
• Free and low-cost apps and web resources
• Built-in accessibility features on various devices
• Assistive technology to support dyslexia and other cognitive learning challenges in reading, writing, and math, executive function, physical access disabilities, blind/low vision, and accessible learning materials
• Personalization of learning, support of a Universal Design for Learning environment, and access for all learners
• Completing assignments using technology

Admission is FREE, but space is limited and first come, first serve. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.

Refreshments will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there!

AT Now Conference-OTAP-Salem OR, 2/8/18-Join Us for Two AT workshops!

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Join us at the AT Now conference in Salem, Oregon, February 8 and 9th, for two AT training workshops!

Phenomenal Keynote Speakers, AT Vendors Exhibiting, and other AT expert speakers throughout the two days!

Registration and Information:

11/28 Apps & AT Across the Curriculum-Supporting Diverse Learners! Hands-On All day workshop! Manchester, NH

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Apps & AT Across the Curriculum-Supporting Diverse Learners! CMTC Pre-Conference, 11/28, 8am-3pm, Session # PreC06-SA Pemigewasset Rm

This is a Hands-On All day workshop! Manchester, NH.


Equipment needed: The MITI (make It & take It) workshop registration fee includes an Apple iPad Air 16GB wifi and a $20 iTunes gift card. Particpants for the BYOD registration fee requires that you Bring Your Own iPad, but DOES include a $20 iTunes gift card. Participants encouraged to bring a laptop as well.
Software needed: Prior to the workshop, if you do not already have an iTunes account, workshop participants are requested to create a free account at:  

Build the Bridge to Learning-AT to Include Diverse Learners on All Devices Across the Curricula! Supporting UDL!

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Full Day Pre-Conference-Hands-On Learning!
Join Us! 8:30 am – 3:30 pm, 11/30/17
Assistive Technology Conference New England, Rhode Island, Register:

Many schools are now implementing BYOD or 1 to 1 programs that provide more choice for educators and learners. Some are Going Google with Chromebooks and Google Apps, others are using Apple devices or Windows laptops. How do you support diverse learners on all devices, using free and low cost (high quality) Apps, tools & AT solutions? Join us for this workshop focusing on ensuring success for all learners using AT tools, features, extensions and apps, as well as free web resources and Windows options. These AT solutions support personalizing education for students, as well as engaging and including all students in a UDL environment. AT tools to support your learners in accessing textbooks, curriculum materials (Handouts/Worksheets), research and study skills & completing assignments using technology. Technologies to support students with LD (including Dyslexia), physical disabilities, low vision or blindness, & difficulties with literacy, math and executive functioning (scheduling, reminders, planning, organization, etc.) will be discussed & explored hands on! You will have a powerful toolkit of resources for fostering & success across all platforms, devices, and subjects! Access to General & Special Education for all students will be explored hands-on! Bring your technology to follow along!

World Usability Day New England, 2017-UCONN! AT, Accessibility, Usability! 11/09/17

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11/09/2017, UConn, Join the Best and Brightest in the field at this Event!
Usability, Accessibility and Assistive Technology allow persons of all abilities and disabilities to engage in learning, employment and enjoying life to the fullest. The #WUDNE2017 event aims to bring together some of the brightest minds in these three fields, for a day of Learning, Professional Development and Networking.
Accessible documents, Website Design and Compliance, User Experience, Universal Design, the latest Assistive Technology for education and employment, as well as accessible design in the home, classroom and community. Experts from these fields will be sharing their expertise through demonstrations and informative workshop sessions!
This event is Sponsored by UConn Center for Students with Disabilities, celebrating 50 years of service to students! Also sponsored by Assistive Technology for Education,, and Forward View Consulting,
Visit the Website at


By | Uncategorized | No Comments is a typical IP address that numerous switches utilize it as their default door, some equipment makers additionally utilize this deliver to deal with their remote system setup or manufacture a system. You can without much of a stretch change this address through administration comfort at, however it’s better not to transform it keeping in mind the end goal to make the entire system work easily. Some different switches may utilize as their default IP address, it’s all relying upon your own particular most loved settings.

Why wouldn’t i be able to get to

In the event that you have to interface with your switch to deal with the remote settings, simply sort in your program’s address bar and hit enter. In some cases we may experience a disappointment issue: the program can’t access the switch effectively. Why and how to take care of this issue? Give me a chance to demonstrate to you the means.

Initial step is to ping To do this, we have to hit “Begin” menu(if your PC framework is Windows), at that point hit “Run” menu, sort ‘CMD’, this will popup a summon window, at that point sort ‘ping’ in the window, watch the outcome. On the off chance that it demonstrates ‘Answer from’, it implies your system is OK, on the off chance that it indicates ‘ask for time out’, it implies you cann’t interface with your remote switch.

Here may be the reasons:

1. Your PC’s TCP/IP property is not designed effectively.

2. Your PCs TCP/IP settings are right, and your switch is likewise associated with a Modem, however your Modem’s setting clashes with your switch’s default setting, this prevents you from accessing the switch.

3. There is an intermediary setup in your program.

4. There are different system cards in your PC, and their TCP/IP settings strife.

5. Your switch’s entryway is not, or you’ve mixed up it with 192.168.l.l.

On the off chance that you have tackled the above issue, we will impart to you ventures of how to setup a remote switch, you will discover them work with numerous switches like Linksys, TP-connect, D-interface, Netgear, and so on.

Step one: Connect the lines/links

Before switches were concocted and wound up noticeably well known in the market, we generally associate our PCs straightforwardly to broadband web. Presently most families have more than one PC, so we have to utilize a switch to share broadband Internet get to. On the off chance that you are utilizing switch without remote capacity, the initial step is to associate the link to WAN port of the switch, and please ensure your PC is additionally associated with the switch (LAN port).

After links are stopped, the switch will work legitimately with framework marker light(SYS light or a little apparatus symbol) flickering. On the off chance that the relating marker does not light or PC port card symbol shows a red cross, at that point it implies there is a line association issue. Take a stab at checking link associations or change another link to utilize.

Step two: Wireless Router settings

Open a web program, enter in the deliver bar to open the switch administration interface, in the fly up login box, enter the switch’s authoritative record (username and watchword are for the most part ‘administrator’). At that point select ‘Setup Wizard’, and select the right get to mode (basic get to techniques are PPPOE, static IP address).

PPPOE: This is the most widely recognized methods for web get to, it more often than not utilize dial-up technique with username and secret word you get from your ISP to access web. ADSL lines have a place with this implies.

Static IP Address: ISP bearer gives you a settled IP address, passage, DNS, and so on. Some fiber optic lines utilize static IP addresses.

Next, we will setup a name of your switch and a secret key for remote flag:

Snap ‘Setup Wizard – Wireless Settings’, we can see channel, mode, security choices, SSID and different settings. SSID is the switch name showed while individuals are seeking remote signs, you can without much of a stretch enter whatever you like or simply abandon it as a matter of course. At the remote security segment, we have to pick wpa-psk or wpa2-psk to set our switch’s secret word, it’s the watchword for your portable workstation or phone to get associated with the remote switch, typically wpa2-psk is better. In the event that you don’t need others to rub your system, you ought to pick an intricate secret word.

After you’ve finished the above strides, restart your switch, at that point access the administration interface(, you will see your IP address is, hold up 1-2 minutes, it will soon get an IP which is your outer IP, now you are associated with Internet.

Some different remote switches may be diverse since they have DHCP benefit coordinated, the switch will naturally appoint an IP for your PC after it’s associated accurately, this should work both for link switch and remote switch.

Step three: How would I interface different gadgets to my switch

Through above strides, the PC that you are taking a shot freely have the capacity to get on the web, however in the event that there is another PC, how might it access the Internet? It’s truly straightforward, simply do similar strides that your first PC get associated with the remote switch. It likewise works for your PDAs and others, similar to android phones, Iphones, they have remote modules incorporated, discover the capacity, seek remote signs, discover your switch, snap to associate, enter your secret key, it will soon demonstrate to you a fruitful status.

What would i be able to do in the event that I don’t know or don’t recollect secret word?

It’s truly basic, you have to reset your switch. Discover the reset catch on your switch, push and stick to it for a few seconds, and afterward unplug it and power it on once more. At that point enter “administrator” for the username and secret word at the administration interface, it will access and work easily.

3 Movie Streaming Sites Like 123Movies

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In the event that you appreciate utilizing destinations like 123Movies for observing full length films on the web, you’re in for a treat. We’ve accumulated a rundown of the best motion picture spilling locales online so you can without much of a stretch and rapidly discover the majority of the best films on the web. Gushing is free on these locales, making it an awesome approach to watch motion pictures on the web.

These 123Movies options give you new discharges and the capacity to stream most motion pictures in HD quality. best movie sites This enables you to encounter new motion pictures online taking care of business without downloading them and without filling up your hard drive.

Regardless of whether you appreciate utilizing the 123Movies application or regardless of the possibility that you observe the 123Movies pursuit instrument to be deficient, these sites like 123Movies will satisfy you inside and out conceivable. Begin gushing full HD films online right now by perusing our rundown of the top motion picture spilling locales like 123Movies underneath!

  • MoreMoviesLike
  • Hulu
  • Alluc
  • Putlocker
  • Rainierland
  • Love seat Tuner
  • Niter
  • Crackle


More Movies Like is one of the best places to discover motion pictures on the web. As one of the best comparable motion pictures discoverer on the web, you will have the capacity to find the greater part of the best movies worth viewing. Regardless of whether you’re hunting down motion pictures like Logan or regardless of the possibility that you need to appreciate motion pictures like The Proposal, you will think that its all and that’s just the beginning. More Movies Like is a quickly developing film site that has heaps of helpful data so look at it now and you won’t be frustrated!


Hulu is positively a 123Movies option worth looking at. With new motion pictures and new discharges included each and every week, it’s absolutely worth looking at. Hulu Plus is accessible in the USA and has a portion of the most sizzling films and arrangement accessible. With Hulu, you will have the capacity to watch from your PC, gaming supports, cell phones and specifically on a savvy TV.


In case you’re searching for a basic approach to rapidly discover new motion pictures on the web, Alluc is the place you’ll need to be. This is our undisputed top choice since it totals films from various sources, which enables you to locate the most elevated quality free motion pictures on the web. Regardless of whether you’re searching for TV shows, motion pictures or even uncommon documentaries, Alluc makes it easy to discover what you’re searching for. Look at Alluc at this moment for nothing! Router Admin Login

By | Uncategorized | No Comments is an IP address which switches like Linksys and other system brands use as a get to point or entryway. Firms set up switch administrator access in this deliver to permit organize overseers to design their switches and systems. Solidly one can oversee Security Options, Network Management, IP QoS, DNS, intermediary, LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, DSL, ADSL, MAC, WPS obstruct; among others.

How to login

Getting to your switch administrator through a 192.168.l.l IP deliver will enable you to change the settings and setups that your switch programming gives. default router login

Snap Here or enter into your program’s address bar.

In case you’re getting a mistake, at that point 19216811 is not your switch’s IP address. Look into your switch’s IP address in the accompanying article.

When you know your switch’s IP address bring it into your program’s URL address. You’ll be coordinated to the client login board. There present your switch client and watchword.

In the event that you overlooked your username and watchword you can take after these directions to recoup them. On the off chance that you haven’t changed the default client and secret word that accompanies the switch you can counsel our switch default usernames and passwords list.

Once you’re in the switch’s administrator board you’ll have the capacity to alter and change all web settings.

You can visit this site for data around The private IP deliver can be associated with just gadget arrange however not for more than one gadget.( Wrong Keyword 192.168.l0.1) The system can’t be associated with two gadgets at a similar IP address at once having a similar system. In the event that any circumstances like that happen at that point, it is the IP struggle which may influence either the one or both the units that make the insecurity. Anyway, one IP address can be easily utilized for two various types of systems and might be more than that.

True Skate Mod Apk [Latest Version] Unlimited Money

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Genuine Skate Mod Apk is another, real road Skateboarding Android diversion. A notable organization TrueAxis created and distributed this diversion on google play store.

Genuine Skate Mod OverView:

In True Skate Perform troublesome traps in a superb moving skate stop, where you will find all that you require like projections, passages, stairs, and railings. Stay on your skate and do the most hazardous traps, push down on the floor and scatter essentially faster.

By ignoring all the, the entertainment has an exquisite portrayal and handy material science that is as close reality. Ride and put the fun vitality in various skate parks, and moreover the redirection progresses you will open new skates, new stops, and traps that no one except for you performs.

Genuine Skate Features

There are a great deal of cool elements of True Skate APK Full which you can see and appreciate in the wake of downloading True Skate Game from our site.

Note: True Skate just goes with a Skate Park and contains additional elements only open by In-Application Purchase, which you can see beneath.

— Common Features—

Sensible touch based material science that gives a genuine skateboarding foundation.

Deck wear. Rub up your Deck.

A mind boggling skate stop to lose all ability to know east from west in including edges, stairs, crash rails notwithstanding data, half pipe, and channels.

  • Direct development.
  • Rewind
  • Customer challenges
  • Replay watcher
  • Overall leaderboards

— In-App Purchases Features—

  • Extra skateparks and areas.
  • Road League Skateboarding courses.
  • Open all missions.
  • Boundless moderate movement.
  • Boundless board picture changes.
  • All inclusive wheel shading changes.
  • Open records
  • Open Skateboard packs.
  • Be that as it may, If you download True Skate Mod APK from here you don’t need to purchase anything as you will as of now have boundless coins.

Download True Skate Mod APK Free:

The connection for the True Skate Unlimited Money Free Download is underneath. Simply tap on the connection beneath to begin downloading the latest mod apk and introduce it on your SmartPhone.

Once the downloading procedure finishes, you’ll have the capacity to introduce True Skate Game on your Android telephone with no issue.

The most effective method to Install True Skate Mod APK:

  • Take after These Simple Steps To Install True Skate Online on your Android Phone.
  • Download True Skate APK Full from the given connection above
  • Place the APK document in the telephone stockpiling by utilizing record administrator.
  • Check the “Obscure Sources” box by going to Settings ==> Applications
  • Presently introduce the True Skate Online from the File Manager
  • Run the Game and appreciate.