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Examples of Workshops and Training including PD (Professional Development) Training:

See Our Updated List of Workshops and Webinars Here!

Other Options:

  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)- Multiple means of Access, Engagement, Expression and Inclusion for All learners using Ed Tech and Assistive Technology. (AT Makes UDL Possible for ALL!)
  • Individual training on all devices and platforms: Apple (iPad, iPhone, Mac), Google (Chromebooks), Microsoft / Windows, and Android.
  • Text to Speech, Voice recognition (Speech to text options), screen readers (JAWS, NVDA, Voice Over), Google Apps & extensions, iPad apps and Accessibility, Microsoft accessibility, AAC, software, adaptive equipment, switches, etc.
  • Successful Transition to College and the Workplace- AT, Advocacy and Accommodations. Where to start, Who to contact, What’s available, and How to Access AT & Accommodations in Post-Secondary as well as the workplace.
  • AT & Apps Across the Curriculum-Support Diverse Learners with Google, Microsoft and iOS-All devices, all subjects!
  • Google Apps & Extensions-Your Essential Toolkit for Diverse Learners
  • Executive Function Toolkit- Apps, Tools & Resources (High tech and light tech/ no tech).
  • The Top 20 iOS Apps & Accessibility Features for Diverse Learners: iPad/iPhone Potential!
  • Apps and AT to support Executive function, productivity, time management and organization. Including Smart Watches and wearable technology!
  • Personalize Learning with AT, Build the Learner Profile & Backpack, Skills & Technologies for Diverse learners!
  • ADA and Accessibility Compliance; Training & Consultation, How to make your classrooms, curriculum, websites, workplace and campus accessible.
  • Build a Bridge to Learning-Include All Learners in a UDL Environment using Free and Low Cost Technology!
  • Free and Low Cost AT options, Built-In Accessibility on All devices
  • Intro to Assistive Technology (AT 101), from low tech to high tech, what’s available for various abilities & disabilities to support access to curriculum, instruction, transition and the workplace.
  • Dyslexia and Dysgraphia Toolkit- Apps & AT (Assistive Technology), tools and literacy resources to support students with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia.
  • Combining Strategic multi-sensory literacy instruction with AT to support students with learning disabilities.
  • AAC and Early Literacy & Language Development (Teach your AAC users to Read and Write).
  • iPad Apps for Diverse Learners, Support for Literacy, Executive Function, Sensory (Blind, Low Vision, Deaf or Hard of Hearing) & Math- Free, low cost and paid options, including Built-In accessibility features.
  • AEM- Access to Curriculum, textbooks and educational materials using AT. (Accessible formats of all learning materials, including handouts and textbooks).
  • Voice Recognition, Dictation (Speech to Text)-Free & Paid Options, all platforms & devices.
  • AAC 101, research, choosing & exploring apps & dedicated devices, process, acquisition, funding, implementation & training.
  • AT and Apps to support early literacy and language (PreK-3rd grade).
  • Switch Access, Eye Gaze, Head Control, Voice Control, Environmental Controls.
  • Screen Reader Training (JAWS, Window Eyes, NVDA, VoiceOver).
  • Magnification Options for Low Vision (hardware, software, apps, devices.)
  • Audio Recording Note-Taking Pens and Note Taking apps and software, all devices.
  • Note taking Apps for iPads and Smart Phones, Note taking software, smart pens, and tools on all devices. (laptops, Chromebooks, tablets-audio recording, handwriting conversion to text, support for slow processing & independent note taking).
  • Read & Write Literacy Software and Read and Write for Google Training.
  • Co-Writer and Snap & Read apps and Software training
  • Clicker Apps and Software training
  • Refreshable Braille Display Training (use with the iPad, apps & Voiceover, or use with a laptop and screen reader).
  • How to Use Bookshare and Learning Ally-Computer, Laptop, Chromebook, iPad, & Android.
  • Develop an AT Team in Your School! Process, Policy, Practice.
  • iPad apps for Foundational Literacy & Language, Pre-K and Kindergarten through 2nd grade.
  • Apps & AT for related therapists, SLP & OT support.
  • iPad Apps for Blind and Low Vision Users (Magnification, OCR, CCTV, text to speech, money & object identification, Navigation & More).
  • Training for general use of the iPad or iPhone and the Accessibility features (iPad/ iPhone accessibility 101).
  • Smart Home Technology & Voice Control

Live Hands-On Training/ Professional Development  workshops (Half-day, Full-Day, after school, or multi-day camps) and live interactive webinars or online courses are provided nationally and internationally, and can be customized to the specific needs of a school, individual, parent, business or organization, tutor, counselor and others.

Hands-On individual training can also be provided on site or via distance learning/ meeting online. See our AT evaluation page for students or adults in need of individual AT evaluations and recommendations/ reports.

AT for Education also provides Support and Training for Transition to Post-Secondary Education as well as Employment and use of Assistive Technology in the workplace, community, or home (Access4Employment). We provide AT evaluations and work with vocational rehabilitation, area agencies, counselors as well as disability support personnel, advisory staff, human resources, etc.

Consultation and training are  provided to businesses to make the workplace accessible and meet ADA compliance.

Services for Individuals, families, parents, and  children include Assistive Technology Consultation, Assessments, Recommendations, and Training, including access to Education, Transition to Post-secondary options, Employment, the Community and ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living), and Smart Home technology. Hands-on training or Live webinars and distance training is available.


General Questions and Discussions via phone or email are provided at no charge. For specific service quotes, contracts and proposals contact us at or call +1-844-922-2833.

You can also use our Contact Form on our Contact Page.

To learn more about why having an AT Assessment is Important, visit the AT Assessments page.